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Are you a toddler, young kid or tween? Well, this is a message for you. Tell Mom and Dad that you want to go to Purple Potato Games. Explain that this is a store specifically designed for you, and that every toy it sells is made out of the best quality materials.
If they’re worried about the price tag, assure them that Purple Potato Games sees to it that customers receive the best prices in town. Now go and tell them to get in the car and drive you down to our store. Try to be patient - grown-ups can be a bit slow…

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Good Clean Fun!

Made with a classic feel, with the hope of bringing all ages of family members together, sitting around the kitchen table playing and laughing as they try to outplay each other in this family strategy card game. The goal is to score the most points. And, you will see your point total soar quickly by collecting sets and surviving as the "Bubble Player". A game typically plays in 45 minutes, but can be made longer or shorter by changing the victory point total.

The classic feel of the game is reinforced by the everyday theme of Soap Bubbles. However, the designers have made soap a lot more interesting. The game consists of six Hero Bubbles that creates strategic and unpredictable game situations. There are two phases in the game, Bubble Up Phase, where you build your hand and try to maneuver towards a strong position for what is coming next, the Burst My Bubble Phase. One player will put it all on the line to try and scoop all the points in the Soap Dish while the other players try to score as many points as possible by building sets.