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Kickstarter Backer Survey

The Kickstarter campaign has ended and it's time to collect the shipping addresses from our backers. Being new to Kickstarter, this is one item that I was anxious to get to, because it means we reached our goal. So, we sent out the Kickstarter Backer Survey this week and received quick responses from several backers. This is important, since without the proper shipping address we can't ship the games in the Fall.

The quick responses also let me know people are listening and interested in what we are doing. This is good news for us, since Burst My Bubble is not your typical game. From early on in the game design process we wanted to create a game that appeals to casual game playing families, but is also complex enough to appeal to more experienced tabletop game families. And, I think we did this.

In my family I am the only person who qualifies as an experienced tabletop game player. And I describe my likes as diverse, I won't give you the list today about all my likes, but I favor games with mixed strategy. I played a 4 player game of Burst My Bubble last night with my wife and her parents. For the most part, they are strictly Taboo and Clue players. But humor me occasionally, and play Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Star Wars Risk.

Last night they helped me with a potential rule change that allows players to share Pop cards. Currently, on your turn during the Burst phase, you can add as many Pop cards together from your hand to pop a single Bubble. Pop cards are plentiful in the deck, but sometimes a player is left with a Pop card with a value too low to Pop anything. With the new rule, a player has the option to ask if players are willing to share a Pop card. If a player agrees, simply combine the Pop cards to pop a single Bubble. One player takes the Pop cards and the other player takes the Bubble cards and adds them to their sets.

The overall response of the change is positive. My family liked the added chance to cooperate and interact. I will let you know if the rule becomes permanent in the coming weeks. All changes are quickly becoming final as we approach manufacturing. Pre-Order