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Icons Smooth the Learning Curve

When you learn a new card game, your turn can be somewhat nerve wrecking. Because you are trying to make a decision with little information about the game. We have highlighted our game's recurring patterns of play with several new icons. This provides a foundation of learning to new players and others who are teaching someone to play.

The turn order in Burst My Bubble is fairly simple, you draw two cards(Bubble Up), play an Action, and say “Pass” or “Burst” at the end of your turn. Because much of the card types are held in your hand until someone says “Burst” it is important to have a quick reference on the card letting players know which abilities are Actions. Most of the Actions in the deck come on Action cards and are clearly identified by the color green; however, some Hero Abilities also qualify as an Action. So, we decided to attach an Action icon to the appropriate abilities as a clear indicator of cards that may be used as Actions. We also, added a few other new icons:

There are now four new icons used in the 144 card deck.

  • The Action icon communicates when the card's ability uses a player's turn action.

  • The Pop Out of Hand icon specifies any bubbles popped are taken from a player's hand, not the Bubble Stream.

  • The Reactive icon explains when a card can be played out of turn, in response to another player.

  • And finally, the 5 player icon communicates to all players some nesting corners are only active during a 5 player game.

Other Icon changes

  • The Pop icon has been sharpened up.

  • As a rule, icons associated with a card’s ability is placed next to the card ability text.

Thanks for your continued interest and keeping up with the Burst My Bubble project.